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Powerful email marketing software for large volume, time-critical, opt-in mailing lists, providing personalized and prompt delivery.

Wide Range of Email Services

Experience our high-demand delivery, bounce message parsing, and database list management services for efficient and personalized emailing.

Email Delivery

Ensuring high demand delivery and bounce message parsing.

List Management

Efficiently manage your mailing lists with Robomail’s back-end database solutions.

Custom Server Solutions

Tailored server solutions for maximum email performance and security.

About Robomail Solutions

Robomail is a leading provider of email solutions catering to companies of all sizes with robust server options and unparalleled customization.

Founded by experts with years of industry knowledge, ensuring each installation is optimized for maximum performance.

Enhance Your Email Campaigns

Unlock the full potential of your email campaigns with our robust suite of features designed to drive engagement and results.

Discover Success Stories

Explore in-depth case studies showcasing our impact through automated triggers, data segmentation, and efficient delivery mechanisms.


Fintech Company witnessed a 30% increase in email engagement after implementing Robomail’s sophisticated automation and segmentation tools.

Marketing Corporation

Marketing Corporation achieved a 25% boost in conversion rates by leveraging Robomail’s transactional email capabilities and targeted triggers.

Impressive Email Solution

Robomail transformed our email marketing strategy, increasing our ROI significantly. Highly recommended!

John Smith

Efficient Platform

Robomail has streamlined our email campaigns, saving us time and effort. Great product!

David Johnson

Outstanding Service

Robomail’s support team is responsive and knowledgeable. They’ve helped us achieve excellent results.

Michael Brown

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